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IndieWebCamp Brighton 2019


I had a great time last weekend at IndieWebCamp (IWC) Brighton. The first day was filled with discussions on various IndieWeb related topics. I attended discussions on…

Updating webmention dispatch


I mentioned a new service which handles webmentions in a previous post. I decided to replace the glitch I've been using for one which is much leaner. It uses the library which powers webmention.app to handle webmention (and also older technologies like pingback) endpoint discovery and mention dispatch so I took this opportunity to ditch my own discovery code…

Automatic announcement of new blog entries


It occurred to me a couple of days ago that it'd be neat to build a glitch to announce new blog posts. Since I deploy this blog by pushing to a master branch on GitHub, creation of a blog post is somewhat less obvious than when publishing on a platform like wordpress or medium, so I needed to figure out another approach…