Qubyte Codes

Automatic announcement of new blog entries

#AboutThisBlog #glitch

It occurred to me a couple of days ago that it'd be neat to build a glitch to announce new blog posts. Since I deploy this blog by pushing to a master branch on GitHub, creation of a blog post is somewhat less obvious than when publishing on a platform like wordpress or medium, so I needed to figure out another approach

Content-Security-Policy and service workers

#AboutThisBlog #JavaScript

I was recently tripped over by a subtlety in how service worker fetch events and fetch works in conjunction with content security policy (CSP). This happened while adding an image to the about page. This post is the result of a conversation I had with Jake Archibald on twitter (with thanks for helping me to understand what was going on)

Update on webmentions

#AboutThisBlog #JavaScript

In a recent post I wrote that I had integrated webmentions, and some of that has since changed. Time for an update

A brighter shade of beige

#AboutThisBlog #CSS

When I originally built this blog, I gave it a very simple no nonsense theme. One colour (beige) for the background and black for text and the odd horizontal rule. After a couple of minor iterations I added a sticky navigation bar (in CSS, no JS)

Putting back the service worker


In the last post about this blog I wrote about why I removed the service worker which made this blog a progressive web application

About this blog 3


It's been a while since the last entry about how I've built this blog. Since it is constantly evolving, now seems as good a time as ever to write about some of the changes I've made

About this blog 2


I touched briefly on the technology used in this blog in a previous post, but I didn't explain the motivation behind a lot of the choices I made when building it. I'd like to do that in this post. The design and architecture of this blog is the product of what things I like in other blogs, and also those things that I find frustrating. Where a choice was not obvious, I opted for the simplest option. The point of the exercise was to get it online. Below are a few points in no particular order

About this blog


This blog took a long time to get started. Every time I tried to build it, I wound up focussed on some tech I wanted to use to host it. In the previous iteration, I even wrote a server framework. I took some holiday over the Christmas period, so I decided to throw everything away and make something minimal