Qubyte Codes

I designed and built a keyboard! This is build for my comfort (despite how it looks). I designed it from the PCB and plates up! It uses kailh choc switches for a low profile, and a QWERTY variant of Miryoku to minimize finger and thumb movement.

The FG-11 split keyboard. Each side has 23 keys. The keys for the fingers are layed out in five columns or three rows on each side. The second and third column from the inside are one key higher further from the typist than the other columns, to suit where my middle and ring fingers sit. There are three thumb keys on each side, arranged along a diagonal. The PCB of each side can be seen peaking out on the inside edge, and the controller can be seen on the left hand. A ribbon cable connects the two sides from PCB to PCB. The plates are stainless steel and key caps white.

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