Qubyte Codes

Reminder to myself to write a post about my recent contribution to Node.js.

All micropub client implementations appear to be a bit lacking (none seem to support a media endpoint very well). I'm considering making my own client and embedding it in my blog...

Testing alternative micropub server implementation.

I've come to refer to my preferrred way of creating microservices as "calving". Start with a monolith, and move bits into microservices where the coupling is weak (like a big iceberg calving off a smaller iceberg).

One of the cool things about micropub is that I can use a third party client really easily. This post was created with micropublish.net

Now I need to reconsider my landing page. It'd be nice to have the notes there, and some information about me.

I implemented #indieweb notes on my blog using a Netlify function and the GitHub content API. I'm using Keith J Grant's omnibear browser extension (in FireFox) to post. Not much to see yet, and it's a very basic implementation, but not bad for a couple of hours of work.

Notes are live! 👍

Testing again, 456.

Testing, 123.