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A bit of a classic now. On rereading this, I found the links out particularly fascinating. I'd consider Node and (though I dislike it and reach for an even more boring SQL option when allowed) Mongo to be pretty boring these days. Of course, I agreed with the general message then and I still do. That's why this blog is served as plain old HTML and CSS!

Choose Boring Technology - Dan McKinley

A custom response header to serve as a memorial. The name is inspired by The Clacks (semaphore towers) from Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels. His name is by far the most frequently memorialized with it.


It's great to see how other folk approach automate note and link sharing with their static sites. I use glitch and omnibear, but I rather like the idea of having a custom solution like Max does here for the posting side.

IndieWeb Link Sharing | Max Böck

"I find that utterly magical. It means that two of the essential components of life, a protocell’s membrane and its proteins, provided the conditions for each other to exist. By sticking to the fatty acids, the amino acids gave them stability."

A New Clue to the Origins of Life - The Atlantic

I'm going. Come along and find out more about the IndieWeb movement!

Register for Indie Web Camp Brighton 2019 - Jeremy Keith

I bang on about this a lot, but it still amazes me that headers, as used by HTTP/1.1 (which is still a current standard, not obsoleted by HTTP/2) are only a little different from the message format defined in this RFC, which is older than me!


A proposal for a standardised flow of microtransactions to content creators on the web. I'm not totally convinced of this approach to it yet, but I'm interested to see what comes of it.

[Proposal] Web Monetization - A new Revenue Model for the Web - APIs - WICG

A book you can read in your browser! Much of the infomation found in a talk I bookmarked here, for if you prefer to read (as I do) than to watch.

Resilient Web Design - Jeremy Keith

I think about the ethics of performance and compatibility on the web a lot.

The Ethics of Web Performance - TimKadlec.com

I saw a preview of this talk back at the first edition of Codebar Brighton Talks.

Building - Jeremy Keith
The Real Dark Web
Creating my logo animation - cassie.codes