Qubyte Codes

Verb conjugations


This page is a hub for the verb conjugations. This document is a brief explainer for the names I use for verb types. See links at the bottom for notes about specific conjugations.

In the linked notes, I use the terminology:

  • ()(だん) verbs, also known as -verbs, group 1 verbs, and consonant-stem verbs.
  • (いち)(だん) verbs, also known as -verbs, group 2 verbs, and vowel-stem verbs.
  • Irregular verbs. These very depending on the conjugation, but the two most commonly seen are する and (). However, there are others!

Conjugations of verbs documented here:

  • The dictionary form (verbs are catalogued in this form).
  • The te form, (けい).
  • The potential form, ()(のう)(けい).
  • The volitional form, ()(こう)(けい).