Qubyte Codes

Seems like with そう



そう can be used to express an impression or expectation of something. In English it's roughly equivalent to "seems like" or "looks like".

  • そのケーキはおいしそうです。
  • That cake looks delicious.

そう itself is a adjective.

  • そのおいしそうなケーキを()べたいんです。

そう couples to adjectives and verbs.



(けい)(よう)(どう)() are used by replacing the trailing with そう.


(けい)(よう)() adjectives replace the final with そう.


This adjective is a special case. It be comes ()さそう.


Use the stem an append そう.

  • (ゆき)()りそうです。
  • It looks like it will snow.