Qubyte Codes

Potential form



This page is a hub for the potential form, or ()(のう)(けい). It describes how to conjugate verbs to their potential form, and links out to other articles about its use. See backlinks at the bottom for notes linking to this one.

(いち)(だん) verbs

Remove the trailing and replace it with られる. In a casual context the in the られる can be dropped so the appended part becomes れる.

  • (): to eat
  • ()られる: can eat

()(だん) verbs

Replace the last kana in the dictionary form of the verb with it's -e sound companion in the same row of the kana table and append after.

  • (あそ): to play
  • (あそ)べる: can play


  • する: to do
  • ()(): can do


  • (): to come
  • ()られる: can come


ある is irregular for this conjugation and becomes:

  • ある: to be (inanimate)
  • あり(): can be (is possible)

Where () means to gain, which is interesting!