Qubyte Codes

Attributive form




Nouns use the particle to attribute. In English it roughly corresponds to of, with the order reversed.

  • B A
  • A of B

It's common to see this. For example, when you're introducing yourself in a business setting, you'll use this for to say that you're of the company.

  • ABCスミスです。
  • I'm (John) Smith of ABC (corp).

It's also used for possession.

  • それは(わたし)(さい)()です。
  • That is my wallet.

When the context is clear, the attributive form can be terminated by the .

  • Q: これは(だれ)(さい)()ですか。
  • Q: Who's wallet is this?
  • A: (わたし)のです。
  • A: It's mine.



(けい)(よう)(どう)() use a particle to attribute, just like nouns do. Unlike nouns they use rather than .

  • (しず)(むら)です。
  • (It is) a quiet village.


In multilingual dictionaries (けい)(よう)() are usually listed in their attributive form, so there's not much more to know!

  • (そう)(ぞう)しい(まち)です。
  • (It's a) noisy city.