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Weeknotes #3

This week started off fairly boring. On the Thursday though, the rebooted Brighton Homebrew Website Club met at Clearleft. After catching up with the folk there, I worked on an experiment to theme this blog, with the theme determined by a toggle in localStorage. By placing an inline script in the head right after the stylesheet link tag, it was possible to demonstrate that a theme could be selected before a paint, avoiding an awkward flash of the wrong theme. This is probably not news to anyone but me. Nothing has been implemented just yet.

On the topic of themes, I wanted to do this because I want to add a dark theme. To celebrate it (when it’s finished), I will make a dark mode Battenberg cake. It’ll probably be made of chocolate and red velvet cakes for the pattern, and covered in chocolate for the outside. So far I've baked a red velvet cake in a tray, but it came out as a regular chocolate cake, so I'm going to use more red colouring for the ext try. I'll post a picture if I ever actually make it.

I've noticed many people I know are starting up, or returning to, their personal sites. Just like this blog, many of them are being reborn as static sites deployed by Netlify. It's good to know that this solution appeals to more folk than just me. It's even better to see more unique stuff on the web, away from the silos owned by giants like Facebook.

On Sunday evening I enhanced my new blog post tweet bot to include tags. Each post in this blog includes tags, and each of these is a link to a tag page with a rel="tag" attribute. I updated the bot to download the new entry and select rel="tag" elements for their text content. The selected text is then appended to the tweet as hash-tags.

On the home life side of things, the little one had his third set of vaccinations on Friday. They were delayed due to a cold from the week before (which he weathered far better than his mother and I). The third set of vaccines is similar to the first set. They're painful, and can lead to a fever. We've spent most of this weekend trying to keep him comfortable, the fever low, and the injection sites relatively pain free. He's almost back to his usual cheerful self now. It should go without saying that these vaccinations are well, well worth the short period of discomfort.