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Weeknotes #1


This is my first go at writing a weeknotes entry, and this week has been a busy one!

On Monday the Brighton Rust User Group held it's first meeting since November (it's a small group and two of us had babies arrive a day apart), and the first held in the evening. We were shown some advanced code for handling game assets, and some hardware which can run embedded Rust. I'm looking forward to seeing more!

On the topic of Rust, I discovered this week that glitch can deploy Rust! If I find the time, I'll reimplement one or two of my personal bots (which are hosted by glitch in Node.js) in Rust.

On Thursday Codebar Brighton held their first edition of Codebar Talks. Jeremy Keith gave a presentation on metaphores we use as programmers both for ourselves and the tools we use, and the implications of them (I'm keen on this topic). Kate Beard gave a presentation Morse Code and the Web Audio API. I love this approach to using browser technologies such as Web Audio API to reproduce old tech like Morse code or the ZX Spectrum loading screen.

In non-web news, I've been thinking about books and records. I have lots of books. I'm thinking of donating the fiction ones, but some of the text books I'd like to keep around and have handy when the whim to pick one up takes me. There's a perfect little space in my home office to place a small book case, but I don't want the usual sort of bookcase, I want one with angled shelves so you can actually see what's on them while still being a short piece of furniture.

There's a mid-century modern design that caught my eye, but they're rare in the UK (they appear to have been more popular in the US). Since I can't find one, I figured I'd come up with a flat-pack version which slots together made of birch plywood, and outsource the machining. If I decide to do it I'll post pictures here!