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Update on webmentions


In a recent post I wrote that I had integrated webmentions, and some of that has since changed. Time for an update.

I was using Netlify form handling as an easy way to handle webmentions, but unfortunately they inject an additional input into forms. This input is required by Netlify to name the form, and POST requests which lack it get a 404 response. This in turn meant that the manual mention form at the bottom of each post worked, but regular webmentions (which only have source and target parameters) did not.

I replaced this functionality by pointing the form and webmention link to webmention.io, which was simple since I already have IndieAuth working with this blog. I may make a custom receiver for webmentions later, but this is an excellent stopgap.

On to more exciting stuff... I've been enjoying Mastodon lately. An issue was recently opened about having Mastodon dispatch webmentions for links in status updates. Unfortunately (but I think for good reasons), it didn't work out and the issue is now closed. I'm happy for my own status updates to dispatch webmentions though, so I put together a glitch to do this for me! Take a look, and remix if you like the idea.


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