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Welcome to qubyte.codes! The personal site of Dr. Mark Stanley Everitt (qubyte). My pronouns are he/him/his.

I'm a server side web (mostly) software developer and one time quantum information scientist. I specialise in JavaScript, and these days I live in and work from Brighton, UK. This site is a place for me to write about stuff I find interesting or useful.

By day I spend much of my programming time writing Node.js, Ruby, and Scala applications, with a little browser stuff when I can.

I'm also interested in the social side and ethics of software development. I was a regular mentor at Codebar in Brighton. I've been taking a break for a while since I'm a dad now, but intend to return later!

I lived and worked in Tokyo for a number of years, initially as an academic (I hold a PhD in quantum optics and quantum information), and later as a programmer. I speak a little Japanese and continue to study the language.

This site is hosted by Netlify. I use no cookies or other means of identifying or tracking you.

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If you have questions or comments you can toot to me at @qubyte@mastodon.social, or email me.

If you're interested in code I've published, I'm qubyte on GitHub.

I keep a list of other blogs and sites I read. Check it out!